Sunday at The Mosley's

Johnny and Tommy

Cami & Logan

Rula & Karen

Cute Collin!

Adorable Ainsley!

The Jimmy Peterson Clan


Sweet Owen

Coop & Joe

Yes I realize that for some reason I have no pictures of the person this was all about. I guess I am a terrible cousin, but it was a great day, and Mark you did a great job on your talk! Good Luck! Thanks so much for having us at your house, we loved it! Can't wait to go back again, it was so fun seeing everyone. Rumor has it the weekend after Easter at North Mountain Park. Hope to see you all soon!



Okay, a quick note from the Tucson Procks. :P

I have a computer, which runs hot, and has no internet, so I only get online at work, and at the in-laws house.

Good idea. Reminds me of the myfamily.com thing we had running before I left on the mission. Easier than e-mailing, that's for sure, especially since some e-mail sites only allow so many people to be e-mailed at once before the 'spam' filter kicks in.

Anywho, we're doing well. Liz is getting bigger and bigger. We went and registered at Babies 'R' Us and Target last weekend. It was quite amusing. Have a trip to Snowflake planned, and that's about it for now. I'll probably toss more in for the Prittle Prattle at the end of the month when it's due.



Great Idea!

Good times, I was totally thinking about doing this! It seems like it would be a lot less work for Karen to gather everything for the newsletter. I'll still try & contribute to both! Can't promise! I would however like to know exactly when the Prittle Prattle is due. I have been so out of the loop but now have a computer, so I need to get on the ball.
I want to let Jeanette know that I am thinking of her & hope she is doing well. You are in our prayers sweetie. See everyone @ Mark's farewell on Sunday. Later, Cami (Mimi)

Pictures Past

I bet Billy is just wishing he had
saved this shirt! Lookin' good Doctor!

Love this picture, something about
Evelyn just cracks me up. It is so her,
plus Melissa's cute dress, and
apparently Katrina's shiner. Christmas
Eve at its finest!

Last on the list.

Audrey Mae is last on the list. She is expected to hold this title until May. She is happy and healthy, and more importantly, she sleeps very well.

Let's do this people!

I thought this would be a fun way to keep in touch, in between quarterly issues. I will send you all an invite through your e-mail, and you can all post to this. I just thought it would be fun, sometimes I feel so out of the loop with just the every day stuff going on in each other's lives. So write about whatever, add pictures, please! Just have fun. Can't wait to hear from you all!

It is also smart to label your posts, so it is easier for lookup later on, for instance I will put everyone's name from the picture above on the label, then when I click on Steven, it will bring up any other posts that have been labeled with his name.