Sorry Ashley


School has me busy, work has Elizabeth busy. However, I did just post on my blog, which can be found here. It's just a little something without any pictures as you'll find out. Just some stuff from my head and blurbs about things here.


How I love the Prittle Prattle

Just want to give a shout out to all who sent something in for the Prittle Prattle! I love to get it every three months. It makes my day to sit down and read about my fabulous family. I must say, though, that this edition seemed a little sparce. Come on, People. It takes all of five minutes to send in a little blurb, so get with it. This is the greatest family history record I know of, so let's keep it going. Love to all...Ashley


Swimming at Shannon's

We all went over to BBQ at Shannon's this weekend while Billy & Jen were in town. The kids had a great time with each other, and as usual we enjoyed medical hour with Dr. Bill!


Hello out there!!

I don't know who, if any, of you Petersons out there check on this blog, but we really should keep it up. It's a really easy and fast way to post a picture or say what's going on in life. Love to everyone.