North Mt Park Part 2

No fair Kristy! Grandma blinked in the picture on our camer! Haha.

Anywho, it was a great time, even with Jimmy's "kool-aid". The little ones really seemed to enjoy each others company, and it was nice to just hang out and chat with the cousins/aunts/uncles/Grandma. Indeed it was a beautiful day.

North Mountain Park

Andy, Buffy & Jon

Chloe & Gigi

Andy, Tailynn & Amanda

Elizabeth, Jason & Grandma

Buffy & Karen

Mikaela, Chloe,Buffy, Rebecca, Johnny,
Kirk, Bella, Rosemary, Andy & Sarah


We had such a good time, it was a small crowd this year, but everyone really enjoyed themselves. We were so glad when Brian and Shanna made it, but sad we had to leave so soon after. I think Grandpa pulled a few strings up in Heaven to give us such a beautiful day. Happy Easter, we sure missed everyone that wasn't there!


Here are the some cute pictures we snapped of Toms & Ainsley before we were leaving. Can you believe Ainsley is like 7 hours older then Toms? It was so much fun seeing everyone for Mark's farewell, it's been so long since we have all gotten together. Next weekend I will be out of town so I won't be making it to the parkb ,ut have a great time & post the pictures from the day! Take care!
-Cami / Mimi