Cousins at the cabin.

The Lara's new bathroom--gorgeous!
Who likes Halloween? The whole family!
Darling family portrait!

Logan and Carolyn choose their pumpkins.

Elder Mosley in St. Petersburg.

Cowboy Collin kisses princess Emma--she's so kissable!

Collin and Emma at the pumpkin patch.

Tommy all dressed up.

Tommy has a darling costume!

The Lara's Halloween

Grandma Gigi feeds Emma.

The Weeds and the Mosleys take a trip to Disneyland to see the new "Finding Nemo" ride.

Caden makes a great Jack Sparrow for Halloween!


Rosemary, Gigi, Jennifer & Sarah (with Evelyn at another table) join in for a bridal shower for Carolyn Christensen, Logan's fiancee. The event was held at Gigi's in the upstairs multi-purpose room. Carolyn loved meeting everyone and looks forward to being part of this great family!
Jeremy & Owen go through a corn Maze in Kansas as part of their Halloween fun.


The Party of the Centuries!!!

The group

One of the mullets

Here's the other mullet,
along with all the cute girls...


Gigi making a wish...
(maybe for some peace & quiet?)

The Wright's

All we wanted was a picture
of the 3 of us,
then this happened...

then this happened...

then this happened...


Coop & Joe
riding Rebecca

The boys!

It was such a great night, can't wait to hang out again everyone! WE really missed everyone that wasn't there, but I don't think the group picture would have turned out.



Party at Rula & Var's

I feel really bad because I realize I didn't get a single shot of the birthday boy. Sorry Uncle Var, but thanks for having us over for a great time! My personal highlights were the Cowboy Caviar, and the Ice Cream.