Cousins at the cabin.

The Lara's new bathroom--gorgeous!
Who likes Halloween? The whole family!
Darling family portrait!

Logan and Carolyn choose their pumpkins.

Elder Mosley in St. Petersburg.

Cowboy Collin kisses princess Emma--she's so kissable!

Collin and Emma at the pumpkin patch.

Tommy all dressed up.

Tommy has a darling costume!

The Lara's Halloween

Grandma Gigi feeds Emma.

The Weeds and the Mosleys take a trip to Disneyland to see the new "Finding Nemo" ride.

Caden makes a great Jack Sparrow for Halloween!


Rosemary, Gigi, Jennifer & Sarah (with Evelyn at another table) join in for a bridal shower for Carolyn Christensen, Logan's fiancee. The event was held at Gigi's in the upstairs multi-purpose room. Carolyn loved meeting everyone and looks forward to being part of this great family!
Jeremy & Owen go through a corn Maze in Kansas as part of their Halloween fun.